Stage 2

Set outside the woods in dipped area.....

Wonky Disco

Seek and you shall find, Wonky Disco is the unmissable roof top party that happens every Bank Holiday weekend in Cambridge. Run by Cambridge legend Stuart Banks, he has hosted more promotions than I can actually remember, he knows exactly what ingredients to sprinkle to make the magic happen and that's why Wonky Disco are in demand at festivals across the UK and Europe. Playing for Wonky will be:

Leon Foster


WHOOSH is the brainchild of local promoter and DJ Misschivers, it is a collaboration of promoters, DJs, live artists and entertainers, with the sole focus of putting on top notch parties, club nights and festivals with an extra bang. Expect a blend of funk, disco, house, liquid dnb and the all important big beat and breakbeat. Playing for WHOOSH will be:

DJ Prime

Brighter Days

The Brighter Days parties seemed to appear from nowhere and within a matter of months they were packing out Dance floors at every venue they stepped foot in. They took East Anglia by storm with their own particular style of house and disco escalating to running their own festival 'Summer House' which was a huge success. They are now playing the festival circuit around the East and are also running their own club in Ibiza!
Playing for Brighter Days will be:

Adi Allen
Simon Morgan


HouseOlogy was born in January 2009 and was the brainchild of local Cambridge DJ's Norman, Lopez and Mr Fella. HouseOlogy DJ's quickly established a reputation ...for playing house, disco, funky, vocal, deep house (with a few classics thrown in) and making a good job of it too!! Before long local jock Leeno, who had cut his teeth on the UK Garage scene joined the ranks and the line up was complete. Playing for HouseOlogy will be:

Mr Fella