Kite High Promotions EPK for SGP

Who are we?

Kite High was established in November 1991, it was one of the original illegal warehouse parties in Cambridge, it's popularity grew and soon found itself in legal venues around the UK. To date there have been over 100 Kite High events and I am proud to say that this event is one of a handful of promotions that is instrumental to the Cambridge dance scene. It has been firmly built on its resident DJ's from and around East Anglia of which , the majority are now running their own events. 

Unlike other promoters who have vanished or changed names, Kite High's following has remained loyal and strong and we have had no need to rebrand, however we are now starting our own small festival called Beats from the East which will be taking place in June 2022 one month ahead of Secret Garden Party.

Music Policy

When the dance scene started there was no segregation of music genres, people would quite happily dance to the sound of a DJ playing many different genres one after the other. At Kite High we have stuck firmly to this policy so at all our events you will find a range of dance music ranging from garage, house, disco, funk, tech house, jungle and breakbeats.
For us music has no boundaries, it is all made to move us and we feel that no segregation is necessary, great music is great music no matter what the genre.

What's so special about Kite High?

Every resident DJ is now running their own promotion in East Anglia, this means that when a Kite High event is on you will have DJ's from ELEVEN different local promotions around East Anglia! The promotional power is fantastic with combined mailing lists in excess of 15,000!
Promoters currently working under the Kite High\Beats from the East banner:

Kite High, Ozone Breakdown, Brighter Days, Casa Vida, Houseology, Whoosh,
Sugar Beats, Loop Manoeuvres, House Fusion Radio, Super Tunes, Love Frequency.

Why SGP?

At Kite High, every single promotion and DJ are passionate about Secret Garden Party, we know it is the most serious party of them all and the majority of us have been attending from pretty much the very start.  As avid supporters its not just about having a takeover, we as local promoters want to take part and add our input to what is already an amazing event giving a fantastic selection of music where people can walk away  saying what a great time they had. I cant stress enough that we are all about the music and adding a little special corner to SGP will give the many attendees who come from East Anglia an area they can go to with familiarity of local promoters\DJ's they know and love.

What do we want to do?

We would love to be involved in any form of takeover, ranging from a a short 8 hour takeover to a full blown 4 day takeover of any area small or large, we are all very professional and experienced entertainers who have been doing this for nearly thirty years now.

We had a small takeover in the cocktail bar at the last SGP and we packed the area from start to finish and would love to do that for you again:

Contact Details 
Tel: 07964592626